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Temples, Monks and Tribes
Photogenic monuments, colourful tribal people,
monks and spectacular scenery...
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Kyrgyzstan & Uzbekistan:
Silk Road Cities and Nomads
Follow this ancient route photographing
its spectacular architecture, landscapes and people...
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Photography Holidays


Photography holidays and tours are the ideal break for those who enjoy photography, and, well… holidays! Whether you are just starting out and looking to learn basic skills, or a seasoned pro wanting to visit all the best photography locations, a holiday or tour designed around photography will be a fun, rewarding and enjoyable experience.


Why choose our photographic holidays and tours?

Good question! Hopefully you’ll find the answer by exploring our website. And if you are still not 100% sure then we’d love to hear from you. In the meantime, here are a few of the best reasons to choose our Photography Holidays..


What types of photography are covered?

You will improve your travel, landscape, wildlife and architectural photography. There will usually be some great opportunities for portait, macro and still-life too. The photography opportunities vary with the locations we visit…


What can you expect to learn on our photo holidays and tours?

That depends on what you need to learn. If you book our 1 day pre-holiday tuition we’ll take you through the finer details of the technical and compositional aspects of photography… On the holiday itself you can expect to learn…

“Photography is a love affair with life.”

Burk Uzzle

What makes us different?

We combine inspiring and adventurous journeys with incredible photography opportunities, travelling to the right locations at the best times for photography, and taking the time we need to get those iconic images we all dream of.  Whatever your level of skill, our friendly and professional photography tour leaders are on hand to help you learn and improve, as well as making sure you have a truly memorable time.  So, if traveling our planet and capturing the very best of it appeals to you, then take a look at our photography holidays and tours.  We’d love to have you along.

Read what people are saying about us:

"I attended a travel photography course with Photography Holidays led by Renato. In a very short time he managed to explain complex principles and I was able to put them into practice immediately through the exercises. I'm really not an expert but I felt understood and welcomed even with my limited skills."

Grazia Tribulato
"Renato is a very friendly and experienced coach. His knowledge is substantial and he can teach succinctly and clearly to get home the key points to the attendees with hardly any need for repetition. I feel I'm equipped to produce better images after attending this event."

"I've travelled with Renato to the Arctic and also to Antarctica. Renato is a fabulous photographer with lots of experience, very passionate about nature & wildlife conservation, which makes travelling with him not only exciting but also very rewarding. I highly recommend his tours!"

Eli Zaharieva
"I took part in a travel photography workshop with Photography Holidays and thoroughly enjoyed it. Renato started out by taking us through some of the principles of what makes a good travel photo and how to approach travel photography (such as interacting with local people). We were then set a brief and went out to shoot it. All in all it was a great experience and I'd fully recommend it."

Simon Jacobs

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