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Photography Holidays

A Passion for Photography and Travel

At Photography Holidays we have two passions: Visiting the interesting and beautiful parts of our planet, and capturing the people, buildings, scenery and daily life of these places through the art of photography.

Our photo holidays take two forms: Photography tours are planned to take us on a photographic adventure around a region, each day or two moving on to another great location and ending the tour with a wonderful and varied set of images representative of the region or country we have visited. Centre-based photography holidays see us spending a longer time at a destination and taking trips out each day to nearby locations for a more relaxed pace.

Either way the focus is on visiting locations that offer great photographic opportunities at the best time for photography, beating the crowds as much as possible, aiming for the best weather, and accompanied by a real photography expert.

At the end of one of our holidays we hope that you’ll feel have really seen something of the countries we visit, and you’ll have an envious set of images to prove it.

Our Values

Experts in travel and photography

Our passion: Capturing our amazing planet: its people, wildlife, culture and scenery through the art of photography.

Our expertise: We are knowledgeable on local cultures and customs as we are on f-stops and shutter speed.

Our core values: Travel, Photography, Experience, Responsible Travel, Environmentally Friendly.

Our approach: Honest, Professional, Fun, Trustworthy.


“My life is shaped by the urgent need to wander and observe, and my camera is my passport.”

Steve McCurry

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