Our Photography Leaders

Renato Granieri

London-based and Italian-born, Renato is an award-winning photographer specialising in travel and nature. His infectious enthusiasm, tremendous knowledge, and relaxed, clear communication style make him the perfect photography tour leader; he will not only help you get images you can be proud of, but also ensure that you have a truly memorable time as you explore the planet with him.

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David Short

David is a passionate traveller and photographer, and a BBC-trained cameraman. He spends most of his time trotting the globe with his camera at hand and a group of travellers following in his very experienced footsteps. He is able to make even the most technical aspects of photography easy to understand, and has a warm, fun and friendly approach. With a knack for communicating with locals, he’s particularly adept at shooting great travel portraits.

See more at www.davidshort.photography

Shayne McGuire

Shayne is an internationally recognized nature photographer who teaches at California’s Tri-community Photography Centre. She is passionate about her craft and her subjects, especially those from the natural world. Shayne is also an experienced photography tour leader with a relaxed and friendly approach, and the ability to ensure that her fellow travellers not only improve their photography, but also have great travel experience. Shayne also runs her own photography tours.

Sue Forbes

Sue is passionate about the natural world, exploring every corner to over 90 countries on all the continents. Whilst her photos are award winning and have been published in books, magazines and newspapers around the world she focuses most of her time teaching on land and from expedition ships. She has a friendly, easy going nature and her passion and enthusiasm will inevitably rub off on you while you hone your photographic skill under her tutelage.

See more at www.sueforbesphoto.com


“Look and think before opening the shutter. The heart and mind are the true lens of the camera.”

Yousuf Karsh

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